Embossed Packaging Design Prototypes

Embossed Packaging Comps

Packaging comps serve a number of important purposes in the product development cycle. If you are a new company attempting to attract potential investors or customers, a well-designed package mockup conveys an air of professionalism and legitimacy that can be the key to securing funds early. For established businesses launching a new product or revamping a perennial favorite, a packaging comp is important for test marketing and ensuring your brand remains consistent.

When designing a packaging prototype, you want something that will stand out. At Phase 1 Prototypes, we specialize in attractive packaging mockups and can add unique features such as embossing that give your design an added element of visual and textural appeal.

Embossed Packaging Mockups

Package prototyping is an essential step between conceptualizing a new product and getting it to market. In the food and beverage industry, packaging design can play a large role in the success of a new product.

When it comes to food, research shows that the majority of purchase decisions are made in the supermarket rather than ahead of time. Good design can convey desirability and help distinguish your product from the competition.

The prototyping process is your opportunity to experiment with textures and design elements that can be incorporated into your final packaging. At Phase 1 Prototypes, our digital printers can emboss a wide range of packaging materials, allowing you to test out raised type and other features. With our embossing process, we can create short-run embossed digital samples and prototypes for food and other products, so you can make informed design decisions early.

Helping You Realize Your Design for Less

Exceptional customer service is a priority at Phase 1 Prototypes. We understand that in the rush to bring a new product to market, working under tight budgets and deadlines is critical.

When you contact us to print an embossed packaging comp, you’ll work exclusively with a single salesperson who will get to know your needs and ensure they are met. We can print short runs of 1 to 500 prototypes, or larger orders — either way, you never have to wait weeks to see your design realized. In fact, in most cases we can turn around an order of spot varnished or embossed packaging comps in less than three days.

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Start the prototyping process early by contacting Phase 1 Prototypes today. When you contact us with the details of your project, we’ll put together a free, no-obligation quote to digitally print and emboss your design. While we have a long history serving food and beverage manufacturers, we have the technical capabilities to fulfill printing requests from virtually any industry. Learn more about how we can help bring your vision to life by contacting our head office today.