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Food Wrapper Packaging

Shrink wrap packaging for food products has to balance a number of conflicting goals. For example, displaying government-mandated nutritional information while representing your brand accurately. Small decisions about material choice, layout and design can have a major impact on the way your product is perceived. An extensive prototyping process is the best way of knowing your product will be putting its best face forward.

At Phase 1 Prototypes, our experience encompasses prototyping of candy wrapper packaging, shrink wrap and other products. Since our founding in 2006, our focus has been primarily on serving clients in the food and beverage industry. We know the specific challenges you face better than anyone else and will work to deliver creative solutions for all of your packaging needs.

Our Prototyping Capabilities

Phase 1 Prototypes can develop food wrapper prototypes for any type of product — from chocolate bars and popsicles to microwave popcorn and more. We work with a diverse range of materials to give your product a unique look-and-feel while preserving freshness.

We can add raised textures to packaging as well as special varnishes and more. Our proprietary techniques allow us to streamline the comping process and get professional-quality results to you sooner. That means more time for your marketing team to tweak or amend your design, and a faster route to the marketplace for new products.

Request a Quote Today

To begin the shrink wrap prototyping process, contact Phase 1 Prototypes by phone or email with the details of your project. Once we receive your request, we’ll provide a free quote within 24 hours.

From then on, you’ll work with a single point of contact who knows your specific project requirements and works to ensure they are met to your satisfaction. After you sign off on the final design specs, we can have your prototype ready within three days, if not sooner.

The Food Industry’s Prototyping Experts

Phase 1 Prototypes can accommodate orders of any size, whether it’s 1 unit, 500 units, 5,000 or more. Unlike other food wrapper packaging companies, we will work with you to understand your timelines and make sure they are met. Based in Dallas, Texas, we are conveniently located close to major transit hubs and can ship your order to you quickly.

In the past, we have worked for some of the largest food and beverage companies in the country, as well as regional and artisanal product makers who rely on our expertise to give them the competitive edge. No matter how big your order or your business, you can count on our team to provide excellent customer service every step of the way.

To learn more about our company or about the food wrapper prototyping process, contact Phase 1 Prototypes today.