Spirits & Beverage Packaging Prototypes


Create Instant Personality with Custom Beverage Labels

In the beverage industry, there are always numerous consumer choices. Make sure your wine, spirit or other libation stands out by working with Phase 1 to prototype your labels.

A customized beverage label gives you the opportunity to show off several aspects of your product and company:

  • You’ll create instant recognition with a bottle or package label that’s unlike any other on the shelf.
  • You’ll build your branding image through unique, innovative design elements.

Phase 1 Prototypes is ready to help you develop a beverage label or packaging prototype that will increase your sales through visual impact. Contact us today to discuss your needs with one of our representatives.

How Your Beverage Looks Is as Important as Its Flavor

You’ve spent a great deal of time ensuring that your wine or spirit has an irresistible flavor. But getting someone to purchase it requires attractive, inventive labeling and packaging.

Phase 1 Prototypes understands how essential it is to appeal to the eye, as well as the palate. Our objective is to help you position your beverage or beverages for instant attraction. You’ve already done your job by creating a phenomenal beverage. Now, let us use our skills to improve the chances that it sells better, thanks to world-class labeling.

Trust Your Beverage Packaging Prototyping Leader

Since 2006, Phase 1 Prototypes has been working with clients to develop exceptional labels and packaging. Our wide-ranging capabilities and team of experts allow us to give you a streamlined, personalized experience. Your finished product will be a true combination of your passion and our expertise.

We encourage you to visit our online portfolio and see just how seriously we take our role as your brand identity and printing partner. Whether you need a single label, or a series of labels and packaging options for different types and sizes of beverages, we’re always here to help.

Creativity mingled with advanced printing capabilities can be your secret weapon in the competition for consumer discretionary dollars. Our efficient, practical processes can drive your messaging home in stunning ways.

Choose Beverage Packaging Design Elements That Truly Excite

Among our printing options are several exciting choices that may work well for your beverage label prototyping needs.

Spot varnishing is a process where matte, clear or glossy ink is overlaid onto a surface, such as a label or package. It adds an element of texturizing to your images and text. Our equipment allows us to provide spot varnishing at a fraction of what it used to cost for this design element.

Metallics are often used in the beverage industry, from wine makers to spirit manufacturers. Metallic ink practically glows and is associated with higher-end products. When you use metallic inks, you make a strong statement about your brand, and your statement resonates with consumers.

Embossing gives you the opportunity to add a three-dimensional effect to your labeling and packaging prototype. Even if the embossment only has a gentle rise, it will be incredibly noticeable. The next time you explore other beverage sellers’ labels, make a mental note to see which ones are using embossing to their advantage.

You may be unsure if these or other design elements are right for your needs. That’s where our team comes into play. Our role is as your label and package prototype partner. As part of our responsibility, we will create mock-ups to show you how different design elements can add life and personality to your products.

Make an appointment to speak with someone at Phase 1 Prototypes today about your wine, spirits or beverage labeling and packaging.

Going to a Trade Show or Event? You Need a Label Prototype!

If you’re just starting to test your beverage in a larger market, you may want to try out several label prototypes. This is a common practice among companies heading to trade shows, conventions, festivals and other events.

We will assist you in developing custom-printed labels so you can give a test or preview for beverage consumers or sellers. Our equipment allows us to handle smaller runs, so even if you require a few labels, we can get the job done rapidly and cost-effectively.

This type of early design prototyping can be just as useful for testing different markets. Many suppliers of beverages use different labels in different territories or stores. Talk with your Phase 1 Prototypes representative about the endless possibilities for your wine or spirit labeling and packaging.




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