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Why Creative Packaging Design Matters

Compared to print and television advertising, packaging is one of the more overlooked aspects of product marketing. However, for many industries — in particular food and beverage, where most purchase decisions are made in the supermarket — package design plays a large role in influencing consumer opinions and driving sales.

Creative packaging design is an investment in the future of your business and the success of your product. Here’s why:

  • Good design helps you stand out. If your product shares shelf space with five other similar items, creative product packaging design will differentiate you from the competition.
  • Good design compliments your product. You’ve positioned yourself as a healthy indulgence, a calorie-conscious alternative or any number of other selling points — your design should communicate that clearly and persuasively.
  • Good design is part of consistent branding. Your product’s brand should be an overarching concept that touches every aspect of its marketing. Poor packaging leads to inconsistent branding, which in turn reduces its effectiveness.


Additional Considerations

  • Price: Quality packaging comes at a higher price than economical options. Ultimately your budget will be determined by how you wish to position yourself in the marketplace. Do consumers pay extra for your product with the expectation of quality, or will they be turned off by expensive-looking packaging that is perceived to artificially inflate prices?
  • Perishability: Creative packaging design is useless if it doesn’t protect the contents of what’s inside. For food products in particular, a wide range of packaging options — including boxes, zipper pouches and shrink wrap — are available for different types of products. Your first consideration should always be keeping your product fresh and healthy.
  • Shipping: Bulky packaging drives up shipping costs and increases waste. Creative product packaging should protect its contents and convey important branding information while remaining compact enough to maximize space while getting your product to market.


These Creative Design Packaging Options Help Make Products Stand Out

Phase 1 Prototypes has many creative packaging design solutions and print specifications available to help you. Options include:


  1. Print White or Clear Plus White

Just as you would apply a base coat of primer to a wall before painting, what you apply under four-color images on your packaging matters. For instance, if you have clear packaging and apply four-color images, they can look transparent without white paint underneath. In fact, with a variety of packaging options, four-color images may fail to “pop.”

Phase 1 Prototypes uses digital printers to apply white, clear and four-color process (CMYK) inks on packages before applying images. This ensures a package is crisp and eye-catching. Our team can discuss creative product packaging design with you to determine whether this solution would be ideal for your marketing goals.


  1. Spot Varnish

Spot varnish allows you to apply raised and textured visual effects on your packaging by precisely applying matte, glossy or even clear ink. If you have ever seen food packaging with a logo or food name raised, this may be due to spot varnishing.

In the past, this was an expensive technique available only to the largest corporations, but proprietary technology at Phase 1 Prototypes lets you include this option with prototypes or your packaging for less than you might imagine.


  1. Emboss

Embossing stamps a packaging material or label surface to create a textured visual effect. This method is often used to make logos, images and brand names stand out.

The embossing technique can be used alone or with spot varnish and other creative product packaging ideas for greater effect. It can add a subtle touch of visual interest to a simplified and minimalist label as well.


  1. Foils

Foils are commonly used for blister or individual packaging, or to add some sparkle to simpler packaging. Used correctly, foils can add a unique twist to your packaging to attract customers.


  1. Packaging Mock-Ups

Packaging is too important to leave to chance. How your products are presented is often the first impression consumers have of your product, and having the right marketing message and look can mean the difference between a sale and being passed over. Packaging mock-ups let you test out different packages, potentially attract investors or interest shareholders and try your options with focus groups and test markets.

Phase 1 Prototypes can print detailed and realistic prototypes with all the details so you can get the real look and feel of your intended packaging. From small runs of one to larger runs of 500, Phase 1 Prototypes can print as many or as few prototypes as you need to get your first impression just right.


  1. Metallic

Printing metallic inks on matte or metallic surfaces can create a shine to attract your target market.  Phase 1 Prototypes uses a proprietary digital substrate development method to print with metallic inks. It allows us to create many designs on a variety of packaging materials.

To find out whether metallic printing would work with your budget and marketing message, contact Phase 1 Prototypes to speak to a member of our team.


The Prototyping Process

Creative product packaging encompasses more than just the graphic elements of your brand — shape, size and materials can all influence consumer perception of quality and value. Determining the right combination of these factors is a process that takes time and workshopping. That’s why the packaging prototyping process is so crucial. Prototyping allows you to refine your packaging and make it simpler, more honest and attractive overall.

At Phase 1 Prototypes, we can help you achieve these goals. We work with your team to manufacture creative product packaging ideas that combine your branding requirements with consumer expectations for ease of use and efficiency.

Since 2006, we have been providing creative product packaging prototypes for businesses of every size, incorporating unique design features that help our customers stand out from the crowd. Find out more about what we can do for you by contacting our office today.