Industry Specific Packaging Prototypes

Industry-Specific Solutions for Industry-Specific Needs

Phase 1 Prototypes has been assisting companies with mock-ups and packaging prototypes since 2006. We can help with a variety of industry-specific packaging prototyping, including:


  1. Toy Package Prototypes

Toys need to appeal to both children and adults. There is also a high requirement of safety involved, since packaging for toys must not contain sharp edges or any dangerous elements. Mock-ups let marketers test options with focus groups and examine packaging solutions for appeal and safety.


  1. Pet Product Packaging Mock-up Designs

A number of packaging prototypes can be appropriate for the pet industry. Pouches, for example, can work for dry food products and pet snacks — and be attractive to consumers.


  1. Personal Care and Beauty Products

Companies manufacturing personal care and beauty products are in a highly competitive industry, and mock-ups help to develop the most appealing packaging possible. Printing prototypes with spot varnish, metallic paint and other features lets businesses test how a product would actually look on store shelves.


  1. Medical and Fitness Products

Medical products need to be packaged to stay sanitary, while fitness products need to appeal to a very specific target market. In both cases, mock-ups allow companies to test packaging for both practicality and brand effectiveness.


  1. Marketing and Promotional Products

All packaging is a type of marketing, but promotional products and giveaways need to be especially aggressive in promoting a brand or product. Foil packets can help companies offer samples, while custom point of purchase (POP) displays can be an effective way for companies to promote their giveaways at trade shows and other locations. Mock-ups can help organizations find the most effective ways to promote their products.


  1. Spirits and Wine Packaging Mock-ups

Labels for wine and other beverages can include metallic inks, embossing, spot varnish and other visual effects to create an upscale and designer look that appeals to connoisseurs. Mock-ups help companies and vineyards determine which options best appeal to the brand.


  1. Food & Candy Packaging Prototypes

Food packaging must meet some demanding standards. It needs to keep food safe, appealing and at optimum freshness. At the same time, it must help food products stand out in grocery store among thousands of other items. Phase 1 Prototypes has extensive experience in this industry. Even with in the food industry snack related foods have their own set of packaging needs. In the snack industry, many purchasing decisions are made in the store and sometimes on impulse. Being able to attract consumers with savvy branding and eye-catching visual packaging is essential in this market. Custom point of purchase (POP) displays can help highlight a line of snacks in a store, and mock-ups can help a company get this marketing tool just right.


  1. Home Improvement Products

Home improvement products need to appeal to contractors and also homeowners. They must inspire confidence and help homeowners imagine what their renovated home could look like. Prototyping can help manufacturers develop packaging that helps encourage sales.


  1. Beverage Packaging Mock-ups

Beverage industry companies may want to get prototypes of shrink wrap labels to test out different color combinations, logos, colors and other design elements.


  1. Technology

The technology industry may need mock-ups for packaging designed for software, computers, devices, accessories and more. From zippered pouches to boxes and shrink-wrapped labels, a number of packaging options are appropriate for this industry.


Could Your Industry Use Industry-Specific Packaging Prototyping?

Virtually any industry can benefit from packaging prototypes. If your company sells products in packages, boxes, bags or wrappers, you can benefit from mock-ups. Prototypes let you test different marketing ideas, appeal to investors and find the right branding options for you.

With fast service, exceptional customer care and the latest technology, Phase 1 Prototypes is poised to help companies in virtually any industry get quality packaging prototypes, and fast. We specialize in packaging challenges and in flexible run numbers. If it’s physically possible, we’ll get it done. Whether you want a prototype of one package or want a run of 500, we can take care of it.

We have helped companies find the right marketing options and avoid costly errors. With digital printing, embossing, metallic inks, spot varnish and many other techniques, we can create a virtually endless array of designs.

Just tell us your vision. We’ll print it, so you can test out your packaging options before you invest in a big print run. Contact Phase 1 Prototypes today to get a free quote within 24 hours.




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