Print White or Clear Plus White

Clear Plus White Printing

Phase 1 Prototypes brings unmatched printing capabilities to the packaging mockup process. We understand the need for vibrant, attractive packaging prototypes, whether you’re test marketing your product or fine-tuning your branding. That’s why we’ve invested in sophisticated equipment and innovative processes that bring your vision to life, quickly and affordably.

Without White ink, 4 Color Images printed on Clear Substrates would look transparent. With our ability to print white ink. 4/Color images printed on top of white ink as an undercoat become vibrant and will “pop” on your package design.

Our digital printers print white, clear and four-color process (CMYK) inks on a variety of materials and package types. We’ll work with you to determine the optimal solution for your packaging comp and deliver it to you at a price that works for your budget.

We have been a key partner to the food and beverage industry since 2006, and we’re fully equipped to print clear plus white packaging mockups for any customer. Contact our office to discuss your project today.

Bringing Your Design to Life

When it comes to your prototype, it takes the best equipment to get high-end results. Our digital printers can print clear, white and four-color inks on packaging substrates in a wide range of shapes and sizes. We employ a proprietary technique that allows us to streamline the printing and comping process, getting your order to you faster without sacrificing quality. We can print white ink on clear substrates digitally and add unique features such as embossing, raised edges and more.

Whether we are printing onto a zipper pouch, shrink wrapping or corrugated point of purchase display, advanced digital printing technology is essential to our ability to exceed customer expectations with every prototype we produce.

A Packaging Prototype for Every Application

There are a number of different situations in which a packaging prototype can be useful. Our customers have had clear packaging comps printed with White + CMYK ink for use in trade shows, retailer demos, focus groups and investor previews. Prototyping is also an essential part of the design process, allowing you to refine your brand and test potential packaging options out in real-world situations. Phase 1 Prototypes’ vivid digital samples printed with White + CMYK ink are ideal for any of these applications. Ultimately, taking the time to print high-quality mockups and prototypes is an important part of putting your best face forward to the world.

The Prototyping Process

The first step in getting your packaging mockup printed is to speak with a Phase 1 Prototypes representative directly. We’ll go over your project and assess your technical requirements to determine which of our many printing options is best for you. Then, we’ll prepare a detailed free quote that outlines all costs and timelines involved in creating a printed white packaging comp.

Once you sign off on the final design, your order can be printed and shipped to you in three days or less. Based in Dallas, Texas, we are conveniently located to provide fast delivery to customers throughout the country.