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Custom Point of Purchase (POP) Displays

Even in an age of viral marketing and social media, one of the most effective methods of boosting your revenue stream is one of the oldest and simplest. Point of purchase displays encourage customers to check out your product while checking out — in a crowded supermarket or store shelf, this can be essential to overcoming the visibility problems many new products face.

Phase 1 Prototypes can design custom point of purchase (POP) displays for a wide variety of products. We can help you workshop a new design or market a product to test audiences. To request a quote, contact our office by phone or email.

Creating Effective Retail POP Displays

Creating a cardboard POP display that appeals to potential customers is all about making effective use of the space you have available. In general, corrugated POP displays say more by saying less. In most retail environments, shoppers are bombarded with information already — by using a design that is simple and accessible, your POP display will stand out better.

Good design doesn’t happen overnight, and ultimately the best way to create a custom POP display that maximizes your opportunities is to workshop it extensively. That’s where Phase 1 Prototypes comes in. By beginning the prototyping process early in the product development lifecycle, you have more time to refine your display and deliver a more-effective product.

Our Printing Capabilities

Phase 1 Prototypes specializes in turning your vision into a reality. Our custom POP displays and corrugated packaging design services use proprietary printing processes to deliver attractive, highly functional end products.

We have been a partner to the food and beverage industry since 2006 and have developed a strong reputation both for excellent products and for customer service that goes the extra mile for each of our clients in a variety of industries. We can quickly turn around large and short orders, accurately capturing your design and branding requirements.

Request a Quote

To get started, contact our office to request a free quote. Once we have received your specifications, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a detailed outline of all costs involved. Once you’ve signed off on that, we can typically complete your order within three days or less. Throughout that time, you’ll deal with a single point of contact who knows your needs and ensures everything is completed to your satisfaction.

Phase 1 Prototypes is based in Dallas, Texas, conveniently located to ship your order nationwide. Unlike other custom retail pop display printers, we do not impose a minimum order requirement or force you to wait weeks for your prototype. Rather, we respect your timelines and do whatever it takes to expedite the development process. To learn more about what we can do for you, contact a sales representative today.