Why Custom POP Displays Can Help You Sell More

By: phase1
May 20, 2016

At Phase 1 Prototypes, we offer short-run and prototype printing and production of a variety of packaging products, including boxes and cardboard displays. Sometimes customers are surprised by the popularity of our custom POP, or point of purchase, displays. “Aren’t those a little old school?” we’ve been asked time and again. Well, everything old is new again.

Corrugated floor displays have always been popular and are becoming more so. POP cardboard displays have a lot of benefits, including:

1) Retail POP Displays Are Eye-Catching

Retail POP displays stand out. You could pour lots of effort into designing the most attractive packaging, with the brightest colors and fonts. However, that may get lost visually when it’s on the shelf with other products. A cardboard display in the store, on the other hand, takes up visual space and stands out from other packaging, making it instantly more effective at getting attention.

2) Corrugated POP Displays Are Cost Effective

Both for short-term production runs and bulk orders, cardboard displays — even the full-length floor displays — are more cost effective than those made out of plastic, metal, wood and other products. Yet they still offer exceptional value by delivering eye-catching aesthetics.

Since corrugated cardboard displays are also very durable, they can be reused again and again, improving their cost-effectiveness. They can be made sturdy enough to withstand even heavy products and are light and flexible enough to be easily mobile while displaying your brochures and smaller products.

3) Cardboard POP Displays Are Flexible

Cardboard can do more than most people realize. You can use cardboard POP displays in different shapes, sizes, colors and designs. You can create a truly unique display to match your branding and to get the precise reaction you want out of your target demographic.

4) POP Displays Are Space Effective

Cardboard point of purchase displays can be designed to take up enough space to attract attention while still being sensitive to smaller retail spaces. Floor displays with built-in shelving can especially help retailers save on shelving space while still promoting your product and helping you sell more.

Cardboard displays are also very space effective for marketing messages. If you want to offer lots of information, cardboard displays can give you extra space for coupons, pamphlets, extra marketing copy and more. You have plenty of room to play with on the surface to get your message across — no matter what your message is.

At Phase 1 Prototypes, we can develop a range of prototypes for full-floor cardboard displays, smaller cardboard POP displays for the cash register, and other types of packaging. Contact us to find out how we can develop prototypes for packaging to get your product noticed. If it’s physically possible, we’ll handle it. You can let your imagination soar with Phase 1 Prototypes.


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