Can Product Packaging Impact Product Reviews?

By: phase1
September 25, 2023

Can Packaging Impact Product Reviews?

Can Packaging Impact Product Reviews?

Does the phrase “what you see is what you get” reign true when it comes to product packaging? Many consumers view the package of the product as a reflection of its quality. It has the power to shape a customer’s views before they have even used the product. Good packaging can lead to better product reviews. This can encourage potential customers away from competitor sites and alternative brands.

Online product reviews have become a staple in online and local shopping. Product filtering lets customers narrow their search to the specific product they want. This includes five-star or the best-rated products. With improved packaging, you can create trust and get listed as a top-rated brand.

How Packaging Impacts Product Reviews

The importance of packaging can’t be understated — it adds to the customer’s overall experience and represents what customers can expect from your product and company.

There are various ways packaging can improve customer experience and product reviews. The most prominent are the brand and logo. Customers may be more likely to trust a well-known brand with a big consumer base. Well-designed packages that protect the product also contribute to higher customer satisfaction. These contribute to the overall product experience and encourage buyers to leave a rave review on your site.

One of the most well-known jewelry brands worldwide is Tiffany & Co. As mentioned by Relative Insight, when evaluating reviews for the brand, they found that many customers added remarks regarding the Tiffany box and Tiffany blue. The color and packaging helped signify the brand’s quality — customers can enjoy the beautiful jewelry and exclusivity the blue box offers.

Unboxing videos have also become popular in promoting brands. For example, Apple product packaging gives customers their own unboxing experience. With a sleek design and durable material, many customers hold onto their Apple boxes. They can reuse the package any way they like while keeping the memory of their first unboxing.

How Packaging Can Improve Your Product Reviews

You’ve got a great product. It’s time for your packaging to represent your brand and prove that it is exactly what customers want and need. Focus your attention on a few key areas that will help your packaging stand out. Satisfy customers with these tips on how to improve your packaging and the customer experience to help secure and improve product reviews.

1. Use Easy-To-Open Packaging

A complicated, messy opening gives customers a bad first experience. With easy-to-open packaging, you remove the time, hassle and frustration of opening your products. It is convenient and saves customers from reaching for the scissors or box cutter.

As you make your packing easy to open, pay attention to your packaging’s security. Its integrity should remain intact from the moment the products are created to the day your customers receive their purchases.

Easy-to-open packages should also be easy to close. An open bag runs the risk of food becoming stale and increases the chance of others stealing your goods. It makes the products even more convenient to use.

2. Provide Proper Dimensions and Material

Customers pay 16% more for environmentally friendly paper packaging than plastic.

Size matters when it comes to overall packaging. Having a small product in a huge box is an underwhelming experience. The packaging becomes misleading and enters the realm of false advertising. It also gives the product inside extra room to move and potentially break during transit.

Using too much packaging adds excess waste. Prove that you care about sustainability by keeping your packaging consistent and limiting waste from the material. Customers are increasingly paying attention to the material used for their packages. They pay 16% more for environmentally friendly paper packaging than plastic. Solid, reliable boxes and reusable or recyclable filler material will help prevent damage, increase customer satisfaction and support the environment.

3. Take Damage Protection Measures

Certain products require specific packaging and protective measures. Electronics, such as smartphones and earbuds, should be placed in packaging inlays or cardboard inserts. Bigger electronics, such as TVs and monitors, require foam or bubble wrap to ensure no damage to the screen and internal components.

Packages can easily become damaged when in transport from the factory to the shop to your customer’s home. Transit can create leaks, cracks, spilled or missing products. When you design and create your package, consider the possibilities of how the item is handled and the wear and tear of the packaging. How many hands will the product touch before reaching its final destination? What methods of transport will be used during transit? These considerations give you a chance to prevent accidents before they happen.

4. Incorporate Your Brand Into Your Packaging

First impressions count. When a customer encounters your brand for the first time, it must be able to answer questions they didn’t know they had and exceed expectations. Your packaging should catch your target audience’s attention and turn them into loyal customers. Promote your brand’s values and key selling points through things like:

  • Size
  • Materials
  • Colors
  • Logo
  • Construction
  • Inserts

Showcase what makes your product different from the many other brands on the market. Consumers spend hours online and in shops searching for items that meet their needs. The moment they come across your product, the packaging should excite them or help influence them to trust your brand and make a purchase.

5. Test Your Packaging With Packaging Prototypes

It helps if you have a clear goal of what you want your packaging to accomplish. This will help you determine if your packaging checks all the boxes, meets client goals and drives sales. Once you know your goals, work with a trusted company to develop a prototype that lets you test various aspects of your product’s packaging.

There are many benefits of creating prototypes and testing them after completion. You can:

  • Test the package’s durability and functionality.
  • Detect any issues that can comprise your product.
  • Save money by avoiding mass-producing a defective package.
  • Find opportunities to improve your package’s function or appearance.
  • Get feedback on usability and durability from potential customers through market research.

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