3 Ways to Reduce Packaging Costs

By: phase1
March 30, 2023

Whether you’re a small startup or a large corporation, the price of your product’s packaging may be one of your most significant expenses.

When considering how to save money on packaging, you might think that the answer lies in cutting corners — but that’s not always the best solution. Instead, here are three ways to keep your packaging budget in check without sacrificing quality:

1. Use Custom Packaging For Your Products

Custom-made packaging can appear more expensive than off-the-shelf options at first glance, but it has many benefits that will help reduce costs overall:

  • Eliminate void fill: Many companies fill space in their boxes with packing peanuts or other materials. With custom packaging, everything gets designed with your product in mind, so the box can be completely filled with product instead of air — no extra material or labor required.
  • Maximize space in storage: Custom packaging makes the best use of available space, creating more room for products in delivery trucks and shelves to reduce shipping costs.
  • Minimize returns: One of the biggest reasons for returns is poor-quality packaging that doesn’t protect the product during shipping or storage. Custom packaging allows you to create an enclosure that will keep your product safe while in transit or stored in a warehouse or retail environment.

2. Buy Better-Quality Corrugate

We understand that you are looking for the best price possible, so reducing packaging costs across the board is always a temptation. Still, when it comes to your packaging, it’s better to spend a little more on quality corrugate than risk shipping your products in low-quality cardboard that may not protect them during transit.

Higher-quality corrugate will ensure your products arrive safely and in pris-Capitalize From in heads
tine condition. This durable material will also protect your product when it’s stacked in cases.

3. Order Packaging Prototypes

With a single packaging prototype, you can test multiple packaging options and reduce packaging costs while:

  • Boost manufacturing efficiency: Before you finalize any packaging design, ensure it will work for your product and meet your needs to avoid getting stuck with boxes that are inefficient for shipping or storage. You can check the design and make any necessary adjustments before mass production begins by ordering prototypes.
  • Correct potential problems early: Packaging prototypes help you identify issues with your product’s packaging before it goes into total production, allowing you to correct them early and avoid costly packaging errors later.
  • Avoid excessive waste: You can also reduce waste by using prototypes to test whether or not you need certain kinds of packaging.

Receive Custom Packing Prototypes From Phase 1 Prototypes

Packaging is critical to the success of your product, as it’s the first thing your customers examine to determine the value of the contents inside. At Phase 1 Prototypes, we will help you create custom packaging prototypes to set you apart from your competition.

Contact us today for more information on how we can turn your prototypes into reality while showing you how to reduce your cost of packaging.


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