Custom Packaging Bag Prototypes


Available Features

More so than perhaps any other, packaging plays a critical role in the food and beverage industry. Not withstanding the technical requirements of food bag packaging, there is ample research to suggest that design and branding actually affect a customer’s enjoyment of your product. While design alone can’t make up for poor quality food, good design can and should complement what you’re selling. This adds to the experience rather than taking away from it.

That’s why prototype packaging is so important when launching a new product — you want to be sure consumers will react positively to all aspects of your brand, right down to the bag it comes in. Phase 1 Prototypes has been a partner to the food and beverage industry since 2006. We can help bring your vision to life at this important stage of the product development lifecycle.

High Quality Bag Prototypes for Your Product

With industry-leading technical capabilities, Phase 1 Prototypes produces custom food packaging bags that meet your specifications. As bag prototype producers, we employ a host of proprietary processes that allows us to add unique textural features to your product, which helps distinguish it from the competition. We can help you choose the right packaging size and film type, from flexible stand-up food bags to recyclable pouches.

When it comes to storing food for an extended period of time, protection from moisture, oxygen and UV light are critical concerns. One of the benefits of working with Phase 1 Prototypes is that our long history with food and beverage manufacturers can ensure that these needs are met. When you contact us for a quote, we’ll review your options in detail to help you choose the best materials for the job.

The Food Bag Prototyping Process

Based in Dallas, Texas, Phase 1 Prototyping is conveniently located to serve major national clients as well as smaller manufacturers. In fact, we can process prototyping orders of any size, whether it’s a run of several thousand or a smaller request of 500 or less. The first step is to contact our office for a quote. During regular business hours, a representative will be in touch with you right away to go over the next steps. Once we have received your approved finals, we’ll turn around orders quickly and shorten your time to market.

Every step of the way, you can count on Phase 1 Prototypes for technical expertise, excellent service and a commitment to open communication. We know your industry and we’ll work with you to create a food packaging bag prototype that contributes to the success of your product. To learn more about our technical capabilities or request a quote for an upcoming project, contact our office today.