Spot Varnish

Spot Varnished Packaging Comps

Whether you’re trying to impress investors or run a focus group, the quality of your packaging prototype will play a large role in determining how people react to your product. There’s genuine value in taking the time to develop a more refined and attractive packaging mockup.

Thanks to Phase 1 Prototypes’ advanced printing processes, doing so is easier and more affordable than ever before. Our sophisticated digital printers can add spot varnish and other effects to your design, bringing your vision to life and incorporating eye-catching textural elements that help you stand out from the competition.

What Is Spot Varnishing?

A varnish is a clear, glossy or matte ink that is applied on top of a printed surface or packaging comp. Spot varnishing is the selective application of a varnish to certain areas, which creates a unique textural and visual effect. Spot varnishing can often be found on food packaging, where it’s used to highlight a brand name, logo or other important information.

Prior to the widespread use of digital printers, spot varnishing was an expensive and time-consuming process that was often skipped at the prototyping stages. Now, however, it’s possible to add these and other design features without driving up costs.

At Phase 1 Prototypes, our proprietary process makes it easier to print packaging comps with spot varnish effects, embossing and other features. Find out more about what we can do for you by contacting a sales representative directly.

Matching Your Product With the Right Design

There are a number of reasons why it’s important to develop high-quality packaging prototypes early in the product development lifecycle. Ultimately, the more time you have to workshop and focus group your design, the more effective the end result will be.

Effects such as spot varnishing can be effective and eye catching, but they can also look tacky or inappropriate. Prototyping gives you a clearer picture of what your packaging will look like and how people will respond to it. For food and beverage companies in particular, that’s an important advantage in a competitive marketplace where most purchase decisions are made on the spot.

Start Your Prototype Today

Phase 1 Prototypes has been printing packaging mockups and digital samples with spot varnish and other effects since 2006. We bring our advanced technical capabilities and commitment to excellent customer service to every project we take on.

From the moment you receive your quote, you’ll deal exclusively with a single point of contact who knows your business and your timelines, and will work to ensure your order is completed as quickly and accurately as possible. To facilitate fast shipping to anywhere in the country, we are located in Dallas, Texas and perform all work in-house. Contact our office to get started right away.