Custom Toy Packaging

Bring Your Toys to Life with Custom Toy Packaging Prototypes

When you have a special toy that you want to market to consumers, you need to look beyond the toy itself. Most people see the packaging before they are able to touch, feel or explore the product. This means your packaging has to be irresistible. Otherwise, you might miss out on significant sales.

Phase 1 Prototypes helps toy makers and sellers develop and print packaging prototypes that achieve several key objectives:

  • The packaging builds a brand around the toy and/or the toy manufacturer.
  • The packaging initializes an emotional connection through the use of specific printing elements.

It’s time to breathe life into your toys through custom toy packaging. Contact Phase 1 Prototypes today to get a discussion started about custom packaging mock-ups for your products.

Use Design Elements to Add Interest in Your Toy Packaging

Since 2006, Phase 1 Prototype has helped companies across a variety of industries to use specific design elements to make exceptional packaging.

Some of our most popular design elements that may be right for your toy packaging desires include:

  • Print White/Clear Plus White. To ensure that you always get the end results you want, we have invested in some of the highest-end printing equipment available. By taking advantage of the newest technologies, we are able to quickly print accurate, true-to-life colors. This includes whites and clear-plus-white. You’ll be amazed at how vivid our colors are, from one end of the spectrum to the other.
  • Metallics. Metallic ink lends itself well to toys that are more sophisticated or higher-end. If your goal is to appeal to upscale consumers, you may want to opt for metallic ink on all or part of your toy packaging. Your Phase 1 representative can help you determine if this is the right venue for your goals.
  • Emboss. Another way to grab consumers’ attention is by embossing a portion of your toy packaging. Embossing adds texture, dimension and visual appeal. It’s difficult to overlook a toy package that’s been customized with embossed elements.
  • Foils. For smaller toys, or pieces of toys, foil packaging can be ideal. Foil packages are shiny and attractive. They also open easily.

With help from Phase 1 Prototypes, you’ll always be able to create a customized toy package that helps you stand apart.

Use Toy Package Prototyping for Trade Shows, Conventions and Testing

Package prototyping isn’t just useful when you have a toy that’s established. It’s also a necessity for emerging toys.

If you’re planning to attend any events in the near or far future, such as trade shows or conventions, you’ll want to have spectacular toy packaging. We can help you not only create but also print out exactly enough packaging prototypes for your needs. One of our specialties is being able to rapidly produce short-run packaging prototypes at a cost-effective rate.

Another benefit to working with Phase 1 Prototypes for your toy packaging prototyping concerns the concept of testing. Toy manufacturers and sellers often test different packages in different markets. If this is something that appeals to you, or dovetails with your marketing goals, let us know.

Make Phase 1 Prototypes your toy packaging prototype partner today. Fill out our contact form online, and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours with a personalized quote.

Fast Turnaround Times for Custom Toy Packaging Prototypes

Toy packaging can be one of the last considerations companies make. This increases the likelihood of quick turnaround deadlines for packaging. Because we are accustomed to working with all types of organizations, we provide rapid turnarounds on a regular basis. We may also be able to handle rush orders.

If you have a job that needs an incredibly speedy turnaround, please call us immediately for professional service.

Use Toy Packaging Mockups for a Variety of Uses

Beyond protecting your toy products, packaging can be used to accomplish other goals:

  • Brand Recognition. Branding is a hot topic among all toy developers and sellers. Without proper brand recognition, you could lose sales to a competitor.
  • Proof-of-Concept. The way you see your toy may not be the way consumers see it. Test your toy through proof-of-concept packaging prototypes.
  • Research Stimuli. If you’re gathering valuable consumer insights about your toys, remember to ask your focus groups about your packaging, as well.
  • Redesigns. It’s very common for retailers to ask toy sellers to redesign their packaging. Phase 1 can be your partner in custom-crafting a toy packaging mockup that has more appeal than your current packaging.

Contact us today, and let us know how we can help you reach your sales goals through the prototyping of packages.


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