7 Reasons Your Product Needs a New Packaging Design

By: phase1
August 8, 2016


Updated: August 21, 2019

When is the best time to embark on a redesign for your product packaging? The answer is unique to all businesses, but there are surefire indicators that you should at least talk to someone about updating your product packaging. If any of the seven signs noted below fit your company’s situation, consider evaluating your current packaging design.

7 Reasons for New Packaging Design


  1. Your packaging looks dated.

This is a common problem — and one you may not have actually noticed. We can become “design blind” to our own packaging, because we see it every day. Over time, packaging becomes outdated, whether you notice it or not. If your packaging is saying 1980s, 1990s or even early 2000s, it’s not doing you any favors. Retro packaging works for some industries, but only when it’s done deliberately and thoughtfully. Old packaging designs deserve an upgrade.


  1. Your packaging no longer gives clues to your products.

Has your product changed over the years? Have you used the same packaging solutions since your business was founded decades (or generations) ago? Your packaging may no longer look like the culture of your company or the product. For instance, if you make candy that has moved from using artificial colors to natural ones, the shades of the candies on your packaging may no longer be accurate. Consumers may feel they have been deceived. Instead of losing market share, consider how a new product packaging design could better represent your brand.


  1. You changed your company branding.

Have you decided to re-brand your company from the bottom up? Don’t forget to include your product packaging. Many organizations re-brand without considering their packaging, leaving customers feeling confused. It is important the packaging matches brand identity. If you’re going to re-brand, make sure you re-brand 100%, which includes every package for every product.


  1. You spend too much on your packaging.

Take a look at your budget line item for packaging. Do the costs seem to be eating into your revenue more and more? The problem could be the design of your packaging. Sometimes, a packaging redesign can save you money in unexpected ways, such as cutting down on your overall packaging costs. A few pennies less per package quickly adds up to dollars. Consider talking to a design team and seeing if there are ways to cut expenditures without cutting corners.


  1. You’re missing out on new technology.

Maybe there’s a cutting edge type of packaging technology and design that your competitors know about — but you don’t. If you have used the same packaging for a long time, you could be missing the latest technologies. It never hurts to seek a second opinion — it could make the difference for your company’s bottom line.


    1. You’re trying to reach a new audience.

Are you ramping up your marketing in order to reach a new audience, such as a different age group or people in a foreign country? Your packaging design will have to reach that new audience, too. Consider the difference between a package that’s geared toward senior citizens rather than young children: What matters most to either group? Consider what kind of packaging is appropriate for your intended consumers — this should be part of your market research.


    1. You’re in the midst of crisis management.

Crisis management can happen to the best businesses. It only takes one bad occurrence to put you into crisis management mode. As you recover from a crisis, you may want to completely redesign your product packaging. “Out with the old and in with the new” allows you to reinvent your company’s look, and it’s a visual reminder to everyone that you’re not the same company anymore. A new packaging design can be enormously useful to the outside world, as well as to your employees.

The process of rebranding your product packaging doesn’t have to be scary, costly or time-consuming. It can actually be quite economical and streamlined. The key is to work with professional product packaging designers who can use their experience to improve the first impression you show the world.



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