5 Innovative Packaging Designs

By: phase1
October 1, 2017

Early packaging looked a lot different than it does today. Wineskins, woven baskets and handmade clay pots were often the norm, but the goal of packaging has been the same: to protect the contents inside and make products easy to transport and store safely. While that’s still the point of packaging, product packages are used to doing much, much more in today’s marketplace.

The role of packaging has expanded over the centuries because consumers, retailers and regulatory agencies have demanded that it do more. Regulators want safe packaging for food and pharmaceuticals. Consumers want packaging that’s easy to open, recyclable and sustainable. Retailers want packaging that will enable them to make the most of their shelf space.

Responding to these pressures has created an opportunity for innovation when it comes to packaging designs. If you’ve been in a brick-and-mortar store or you’ve shopped online recently, then you’ve probably seen some innovative packaging designs that may have sparked some creative packaging ideas for your own products.

How to Design a Product Package

Even though you may be eager to start designing a new package for your products, you should do some research first. You need to figure out what packaging attributes are important to the members of your target market.

If your niche market consists of millennials and parents of young children, for instance, you may need packaging that’s small, easy to grab on the go and resealable. If your target market is made up of budget-conscious shoppers, you may need larger packaging that enables consumers to purchase your products in bulk instead.

In addition to studying the demands of your target market, you should consult with the retailers that sell your goods and solicit input about package size, shape and materials. You must ensure your packaging conforms to relevant regulations as well. Once you’ve completed your research, you’ll be ready to develop innovative packaging designs for your products.

Where to Get a Mock Prototype

After you’ve finished your packaging design, you’ll need to get packaging prototypes so you can test your packages and make sure they’ll resonate with consumers for all of the right reasons. You can order packaging prototypes from Phase 1 Prototypes that you can use to see how focus groups respond to your packaging before you invest money in large runs of untested packages.

Based in Dallas, TX, Phase 1 Prototypes has been making innovative packaging designs a reality for businesses in a wide variety of industries for more than a decade. You can order as many or as few prototypes as you need when you work with us.

We’re known as an industry leader because we’ve made the impossible possible for our clients. We’ve even developed several propriety substrates to realize our clients’ packaging dreams.

Creative Packaging Ideas

We know that coming up with innovative packaging designs is often easier when you get inspiration from the innovations others have already made because it enables you to see the possibilities of something different. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of creative packaging ideas that we hope will inspire you to come up with your own packaging innovations.

Here are some creative packaging ideas and the retailers that brought them to market in recent years:

  1. Charm Villa

Charm Villa sells Taiwan Ruby Black tea in teabags that are shaped like fish. This award-winning design has a “fishing line” running from the fish’s mouth so you can remove the eye-catching, fish-shaped bag from your cup when your tea is done brewing.

  1. TricorBraun

This company replaced the dire messaging that’s often on oral care products with friendly, happy messaging when it introduced its uniquely-shaped “hello” line of products.

  1. Literal Fruit Juice

This company sells tasty fruit juice in containers that feel like the skin of the fruit they’re made from.

  1. Spine Vodka

To show it has a backbone, every bottle of Spine Vodka has what looks like a ribcage inside.

  1. Nike

Nike doesn’t use a box for its Nike Air footwear. Instead, Nike Air products are packaged in air.

The success of a product can greatly depend on its packaging. Don’t leave it up to chance. Contact our expert team today to make your packaging dreams a reality.


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