8 Tips for a Small Business to Appear Bigger

By: phase1
September 13, 2017

If you don’t think size matters when it comes to business, you’re wrong. In general, consumers have more confidence in larger and more established organizations. Bigger companies are typically viewed as successful businesses that have staying power.

This makes perfect sense when you think about it. A company must be doing things right if it’s grown into an organization that employs tens, hundreds or even thousands of people, right?

What You Can Do

Many people have heard about now-global businesses that were started in someone’s garage or basement. One thing you can do to have similar success is to make your business appear bigger than it actually is. Again, consumers often have more confidence in larger outfits, so making your business seem bigger can help you attract more customers and, ideally, close more sales.

Here are eight tips that can help your small business appear larger:


  1. Have a Professional Email Address

One way to make sure everybody knows your business is small is to have an email address that consists of your first name and the name of your company. The problem with an email address that looks something like susan@mycompany.com is that it screams that your business is so small, and will remain so small, that you don’t have to worry about someone else named Susan being added to your payroll.

To give the impression that your business is larger, you should at least use an initial before or after your first name or your surname. If your name is Susan Jones, your email can look like susan.j@mycompany.com or s.jones@mycompany.com. Better yet, consider making susan.jones@mycompany.com your email address.


  1. Have a Professional Website Design

Having a professionally designed website should be a given no matter how big or small your business is. A professional-looking website that’s loaded with meaningful, grammatically correct content and videos and photos taken by a professional photographer will help consumers have confidence in your business and give the impression that your outfit is larger than it really is.


  1. Build Your Social Network

Building a large following on social media will make shoppers think your business is bigger, so it’s important for you to invest time in building a sizeable following. Wouldn’t you think a business that has 10,000 followers is bigger than one that has just 700 followers, after all?

To increase the number of people who follow your business on social media, consider working with a social media influencer like a popular blogger to build up your following quickly.


  1. Use 800 Numbers

While not many consumers are concerned about saving money when they dial an 800 number these days, they are aware that toll-free numbers are often used by larger companies. An 800 number that allows people to enter an extension that has more than two digits will give the impression your business is larger than it is.


  1. Build Your Brand

Building your brand is vital to making your business appear bigger. You can start building your brand by using a service such as Knowem. This kind of service will register your business and its profile on websites across the internet, which can greatly improve your ranking in online search results.


  1. Have a Professional Packaging Design

Which will give the impression that your organization is larger: a product packaged in a container you picked up at the nearest dollar store or a product contained in a professionally designed package that’s in line with the overall brand you’re trying to build? Clearly, it’s the latter.

Once you invest in a professional packaging design, contact Phase 1 Prototypes so we can create a mockup for you. Whether your design is simple or complex, we’ll bring your packaging ideas to life. Give us a call or contact us online now.


  1. Use a Virtual Receptionist

Having a virtual receptionist will go a long way toward leading people to think your business is larger than it really is, because you’ll no longer be the only person they reach when they call your business. When you have a virtual receptionist, calls placed to your business will be answered professionally and you’ll receive notifications by email or text.


  1. Don’t Put Your Title on Your Business Cards

Whether you’re a one-person show or you have a few employees, you’ll often have to wear many hats when you’re a part of a small business. Sometimes, you might have to be a sales rep or the CEO while you may have to present yourself as a warehouse manager at other times. Because you fill so many roles, you should avoid putting your title on your business card.

This will enable you to step into any situation and present yourself, however, is necessary without your business card seeming to contradict what you want someone else to believe is your area of expertise.


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