Product Packaging for the Holidays

By: phase1
June 4, 2019

Black Friday. Cyber Monday. Christmas Shopping Season. We all know these terms in the product marketing game because we know how crucial it is to have a successful holiday season. People save their money all year to splurge on gifts from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, and if your company can ride that wave, it could take your business to a whole other level. If you fail to take advantage, it could mean a struggle all of next year.

That’s why you should give careful consideration to your holiday packaging. Changing up your branded holiday packaging is an added expense, so you have to be sure to make it count.

Your custom holiday packaging needs to not only reflect the spirit of the season, but also the attitudes of your customers. Do you want to include a specific holiday or holidays with your branding or just have a winter theme? Is it safe or wise to include religious symbols on your holiday packaging? These and other considerations are crucial for holiday packaging success.

Successful Holiday Packaging Campaigns

So, what makes a successful holiday packaging campaign? Like all branded packaging, custom holiday packaging is an opportunity to connect with your customers. You want to evoke the positive feelings the season engenders through your packaging’s color, message, look and feel. One of the most successful examples of this is Starbucks® holiday cups. When those red cups come out, you know the holiday season has arrived.

Options for Holiday Packaging

Your holiday packaging options are as varied as the products themselves, but generally, you want to capture the fun, happy and festive atmosphere of the holiday season. It’s never a bad idea to highlight holiday colors, like green and red or blue and white. Symbols of the season can also be fun, although you want to give careful consideration to religious symbols, as you don’t want to alienate any potential customers who may not subscribe to the religion portrayed.

It can also be a good idea to highlight that your holiday-themed products offer a little extra something special for the holidays. For example: candy brands like M&M’s® and Hershey’s Kisses® often come out with red and green versions of their classic candies. It’s the same product, but that holiday-themed packaging makes consumers feel like they are getting something different and unique to celebrate the season.

You may want to do a little research and see what other companies in your sector have done with their product packaging for the holidays. While you don’t want to copy anyone, this could give you some useful ideas of how you want to approach your branded holiday packaging.

Once you’ve made your decision, Phase 1 Prototypes can make your design a reality. We do cost-effective prototypes and mock-ups for all types of product packaging, and we can turn your design into a physical prototype fast so you can see your vision before putting it to the test in the market.

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