5 Must-Haves for Trade Show Booths

By: phase1
October 11, 2017

A trade show that relates directly to your business is often a great opportunity to network with your peers and attract new clients. While that’s the case, trade shows require an investment of some marketing dollars. To get the most out of your investment, you must be sure your trade show booth is adequately stocked with things that will draw people to your booth and make your business and your goods or services memorable for the right reasons.

Essential Items for Your Booth

Deciding what you should and shouldn’t have at your trade show booth can be difficult — especially if you haven’t had an opportunity to participate in many trade shows. Whether you’re a trade show novice or you’re a seasoned participant, here are five of the must-haves you’ll need to get the greatest return on the investment you make to participate in a trade show:


  1. Professional Banner

When the floor is crowded, your banner will often be the first thing people see, because other attendees will likely be standing in front of your booth. Since your banner will make the first impression on many people, it’s critical that your banner is professional and an accurate representation of your business.

Your banner needs to do two key things. It needs to communicate who you are and relay the nature of your business.

To do this, your banner must be large and eye-catching while being consistent with your overall branding. Your banner should be visible from a distance and it should include your logo. Make sure the text on your banner is easy to read and that it’s not diluted with unnecessary graphics that might confuse or distract onlookers.


  1. Visuals

Visuals are another vital component of successful trade show booths. Bring visuals that demonstrate your best and most popular products. One way you can make your products stand out is to use prototype packaging by Phase 1 Prototypes.

From varnishes, unique textures and more, we’re known for bringing our clients’ packaging ideas to life through innovation, hard work and dedicated customer service. Even if you’re attending a small trade show, we can still make your products stand out because we don’t require you to order a minimum number of packages — something that differentiates us from our competitors.

By not requiring you to order a minimum amount, we’re able to help you keep your costs as low as possible.

If you’ve decided to attend a trade show at the last minute and you need attention-grabbing visuals, we’re a phone call away. Once we receive approved finals from you, we’ll get your products to you in three days or less. In short, if it’s physically possible for us to do so, we will meet your deadline no matter how condensed it is. Contact Phase 1 Prototypes to learn more now.


  1. Handouts, Flyers and Brochures

Handouts, flyers and brochures are key marketing materials that every trade show booth should have. You can only talk to one person or group at a time, after all. When you’re in the middle of a conversation with someone, your handouts, flyers and brochures will be able to tell the people who visit your booth all about your company, your products or services and the value they provide.


  1. Prize Drawing

While it’s great when people flock to your booth, a crowd can be a deterrent to some trade show attendees who don’t want to wait to learn about your business. You can entice people to hang around long enough to get information about your company by having a prize drawing.

To host a prize drawing at your booth, set up a receptacle where people can enter the drawing by depositing their business cards. This will give you the chance to follow up with everyone who entered your drawing after the trade show, when you’ll have more time to give them your full attention and answer any questions.


  1. Leave-Behinds

Leave-behinds and giveaways are fantastic ways to keep your business top-of-mind for the people who attended trade shows — long after the show ends. The important thing here is to make sure your leave-behinds are things that communicate your company’s name and the nature of your business clearly. It’s equally important for your giveaways to be in line with your branding. They should also be things people will use often.

If you sell beverages, you may want to provide drink koozies or reusable cups with your company’s name on them. If you sell stationery, you might want to hand out letter openers. You can be creative with your leave-behinds, but you need to give away things that communicate what your business is about and items that people will use repeatedly in the future.


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