How Packaging Prototypes Can Help You Close the Deal

By: phase1
August 31, 2017

Just like you only have one chance to make a first impression on someone when you meet them for the first time, your products have just one opportunity to make a positive, lasting first impression on consumers. Even if your product is the best one available for purchase, it won’t matter if shoppers overlook it because of the way it’s packaged.

When you think about it, your packaging is a consumer’s first interaction with your product. It’s also a representation of your brand and image, and it’s often the only line of defense against damage to the product it contains as well.

With your packaging having so many key responsibilities that can influence the success of a product launch, it’s critical to give your packaging a lot of thought. By using packaging prototypes, you can test your packaging before you invest money in a design that may not deliver in all of the ways you want and need it to.

Why Try Prototype Packaging?

When closing a business deal is necessary for the survival or continued success of your business, it’s unwise to go into a meeting with a mere description of your product. Potential investors and businesses you’re hoping will sell your goods typically won’t be impressed with a verbal description of what you’re selling. Instead, they want to experience your products, including their packaging, the same way consumers will before they agree to buy or sell your products.

In general, developing new packages involves a series of steps, which include:

  • Several design concepts
  • Internal design review
  • Design review by focus groups
  • Review by shoppers
  • Test market review

With prototype packaging, you can create mockups of your packaging at any stage of the creative process. You can also make changes to your packaging based on the feedback you receive at any point. And you can do these things affordably, within budget and in less time than you may think.

To close a business deal and make sure your products fly off the shelves, you must give your packaging as much attention as you give your products. The only way to ensure your packaging represents your brand and product appropriately is with prototype packaging. Prototype packaging gives you the flexibility to adjust your packaging as you bring your product closer to market, and it can prevent you from wasting thousands of dollars on packaging that won’t impress potential investors, retailers or consumers.

Where to Get a Package Prototype

In many instances, you’ll have to buy a minimum number of prototypes and wait weeks before you receive them. This can be costly in terms of time, especially if you have deadlines, and in terms of dollars spent on packaging you’re unsure about.

However, just because that’s the way many companies go about getting prototype packaging, it doesn’t mean you have to do the same.

Since 2006, Phase 1 Prototypes has provided established businesses and startups with an alternative way to get packaging prototypes affordably and quickly. Instead of requiring businesses to order thousands of untested prototypes, our clients order the number of prototypes they actually need, even if it’s under 500 units.

After we get final approval on your packaging design, we’ll start making your prototypes. We’re typically able to get your finished prototypes to you in three days or less after you approve your package design.

We don’t keep you waiting at any point of the production process. In fact, you’ll usually hear from us within one hour if you initially contact us during normal business hours. When you request a quote, you can rest assured that we’ll be in touch within 24 hours.

While we do product packaging in Dallas at our headquarters, we serve the entire country. No matter where you’re located, our goal is the same as yours — to make your vision a bankable reality that will be attractive to investors, retailers and consumers. Contact Phase 1 Prototypes to learn more about getting affordable packaging prototypes with a short lead time today.



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