Questions to Ask Yourself While Planning a Packaging Refresh

By: phase1
February 15, 2018


If your products have been around for a while or the packaging you designed for a new product simply isn’t resonating with consumers the way you’d hoped it would, it may be time to refresh your product packaging. Whenever you’re going to redesign or rework your packaging, you need to plan carefully. You may want to consult with a seasoned packaging expert who has experience working with products similar to yours to get ideas for your packaging refresh as well.

How to Do a Product Package Refresh

If you’re wondering how you can pull off a successful packaging redesign, creating a list of questions is a good place to start. Choosing a new product design has the potential to influence many things, including your sales, customer base and packaging costs, which is why you need to choose wisely to ensure your products’ recognition level and brand image remain intact.

By developing a list of questions before you implement a packaging refresh, you can avoid redesigning a package that will be a turn off to your existing customers. Creating a list can also help you identify ways to make your product packaging attractive to an even wider base of consumers. Of course, just making a list of inquiries isn’t enough. You also have to take the time answer each question thoughtfully and honestly.

Here are some common questions to ask before changing a package:

  • What is the goal of this refresh?
  • Has our target audience changed?
  • What do our competitors’ designs look like and how can we stand out?
  • What do we want to emphasize?
  • Are we simply changing wording and color or do we want to change the entire structure of our package?

While the answers you’ve provided to the questions listed above may have you eager to start the redesign process as soon as possible, it’s critical to take a step back and consider the significance of your responses before you dive in. You need to figure out which responses should influence your refresh the most.

This is important because you shouldn’t completely overhaul your existing packaging all at once. If you change too many packaging characteristics at the same time, you run the risk of alienating your current customers and creating confusion about your product and brand. To prevent these things from happening, you need to select certain features your existing packaging has that you can retain on your new product packages so that your brand image and products will still be easily recognizable.

Instead of changing the visual components at the same time you change the structure of your packaging, consider changing one during this refresh and introducing changes to the other a little further down the line, after your customers have become familiar with your initial round of changes. Often, companies realize they don’t have to completely redesign their packages in either one or several stages. Instead, they simply refresh their packaging by enhancing some of the features their current product packages already have.

Test Your Product Design With Phase 1 Prototypes

Phase 1 Prototypes has been producing packaging prototypes for companies that have reworked their product packages for more than a decade. Using the prototypes we provide, businesses in many industries are able to test their refreshed packaging to make sure it will be a hit with new and existing customers before they invest in large runs of packages that haven’t been tested.

While many of our competitors require you to order a minimum number of prototypes, we don’t. You can order less than 500 prototypes from us, and we’ll still provide a quality prototype you’ll be excited to test in focus groups. Because we have no minimum order, it’s affordable to work with us in the future as well if you need to tweak your packaging and require more prototypes for subsequent testing.

Give us a call or complete our contact form online to request a free quote for your prototype today.




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