Making Packaging That Is Shareable

By: phase1
May 24, 2019

If you’ve been following marketing trend lately, you may have heard that it is becoming increasingly important to make packaging that is shareable. Product packaging considerations are relatively new to the marketing world, but in the highly competitive digital age of marketing, where you need to get every edge you possibly can, creative packaging ideas can be extremely important.

First, of course, it’s important to have an understanding of what “shareable packaging” even is.

What Is Package Shareability?

In the 20th century, sharable packaging meant that you could take your product out of the box and then use that box to ship something to someone else. That’s not what we mean by package shareability today. Today, package shareability involves considering the user experience (UX) of packaging. It means generating a creative packaging design that is so fun or interesting that people want to share it on social media.

When you’re thinking about package shareability, you want to think about a cool unboxing experience for your customers. You want to think about what is going to make them open that package and immediately say “wow!” — whether it’s a dazzling array of colors, an unexpected extra, or uniquely shaped containers.

What your shareability features will be will depend a lot on your product, your brand and your target customer, but try to think about what would make the people who use your product want to say “Hey! Check this out!”

Remember that as great as a picture is, a video is even better. If you can design a packaging experience that is filmable, so that the whole event of the customer opening and being delighted by the package is one they will want to capture with a recording or live stream, your opportunities for your product to go viral as that clip appears in Instagram stories or on YouTube increase dramatically. If that happens, the sky is the limit as to how much of a boost in sales you can enjoy.

Why Shareability Is Becoming Increasingly More Important

In the end, you hope that the quality of your product is what will keep your customers coming back. But the digital marketplace is a buyers’ marketplace. Buyers have an embarrassment of choices and unlimited access to information about the customer experience of your product.

Today’s consumers don’t want to be “sold to.” They want to feel like they are buying from a trusted friend who understands them, and creating a shareable package that shows you appreciate who they are and what they find interesting is one of the best ways to convince them you are precisely that.

How do you know if you’ve made a shareable package? You need to test it, of course. What seems great in the design phase may not work in practice, and you need actual people to open up that package so you can document their experience and see if you’ve really made something shareable.

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