4 Benefits of Short Run Packaging Production

By: phase1
May 20, 2016

Traditional packaging production requires runs of five hundred units or more, but short-run packaging production can allow companies to develop and print much smaller batches. Obviously, for smaller businesses with less inventory, short-run packaging printing makes a lot of sense. But it’s not just smaller organizations that can benefit from short runs.

For all companies, the benefits of short-run packaging include:

1) Testing

One of the biggest short-run packaging printing benefits is the ability to test out different types of packaging solutions. Your customers and clients will hold your packaging in their hands and experience it in 3-D. Even if you have detailed drawings or mockups, you won’t get a sense of what customers’ experience with your packaging is really like until you develop some prototypes.

Short-run production lets you test your packaging out and even allows you to hand off your packaging ideas to test audiences so you can get some feedback. This can be invaluable in making those small tweaks that can make all the difference when it comes to your marketing and your bottom line.

2) Limited-Time and Custom Packaging

Do you have a great idea for a seasonal product? Do you want a limited run of a product or an exclusive limited-time run? Do you want to offer custom packaging for customers to make them feel special? With traditional packaging production, it’s just not possible. With short-run packaging production, however, it’s easy to develop seasonal, special and custom solutions for your packaging. You can get as creative as you like to offer your customers more options.

3) Cost Savings

Obviously, short-run packaging costs less than mass production. The savings can help with cash flow at your business and can help you offer just-in-time production without the need for additional warehouse space or shelf space. With short-run packaging costs, you only have to print as much as you need, which can be especially helpful to your budget if your products have a shorter shelf life.

4) Great Customer Service

When you make a larger investment with long runs of packaging production, the printing or production company already has your money. With short runs, however, your packaging production company has to work that much harder to keep your business and keep you happy. Many companies specializing in short-run production offer exceptional customer service.

At Phase 1 Prototypes, we have made a name for ourselves with exceptional service and flexibility. If it’s physically possible and you need it, we’ll strive to make your short run packaging production needs a possibility.

Whether you need to develop lots of prototypes for different items or have just one big product you want to test packaging for, contact us today to learn more about how we can be your partner in developing packaging prototypes.


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