Why You Should Test Your Product Design

By: phase1
December 1, 2017

No matter what kind of products you sell — children’s toys, clothing, footwear, food or something else — you wouldn’t try to sell your goods to the public if you didn’t know they were safe and in line with the regulations that govern your industry, would you? Of course you wouldn’t! Just like you don’t take any chances with your products, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance when it comes to your product packaging, either.

From communicating information to consumers to promoting your brand image to protecting your products and more, you ask a lot of your packaging. The only way you can ensure your packaging can deliver in every way you’re hoping it will is by conducting rigorous product package testing.

Testing Product Packaging: What You Should Look For

The look of your packaging is vital to the success of your product packages, but looks aren’t always enough to motivate consumers to purchase your goods once, let alone on repeat occasions. How likely do you think a shopper will be to buy your products again if poor packaging resulted in product damage upon delivery? Probably not very likely at all.

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I know if my package is good?” your product isn’t ready to be rolled out. When you introduce a product, you shouldn’t wonder if your packaging is good. Instead, you should be absolutely positive your packaging is good.

One of the most important things you need to test your product packages for is durability. Your packages have to be able to withstand the rigors of shipping. It’s possible that your products will be exposed to a host of environments during shipping, which means your packaging needs to stand up to different weather-related elements, such as extreme temperatures.

Even if your packaging keeps your products intact during shipping, its job is far from over. Your packaging still has to protect your goods in retail outlets and be durable enough to keep your products in good shape up until the time consumers open your packages to use your products in their homes.

In addition to testing your package’s durability, you need to test your package’s functionality. In general, consumers want packaging that’s easy to use and, in many cases, resealable if it contains food. Depending on what you sell and your target market, consumers may consider opening your packaging to be an integral part of the overall experience they have with the goods you sell. Since customers will interact with your packaging before they get to your products, the functionality of your packages sets the tone for the entire experience shoppers will have with the products they buy from you.

Where to Get Package Prototypes

Naturally, you can’t test your product packaging unless you have package prototypes to try out. It’s critical to use prototypes to test your packages because it’s the only way you’ll be able to make adjustments early enough to prevent packaging problems from interfering with the success of a product launch. More accurately, using prototypes to examine your packaging is the only way to ensure your packages won’t fail at any point along the supply chain.

Luckily, you can get a product packaging prototype from our Dallas headquarters. While Phase 1 Prototypes is located in Texas, we create packaging prototypes for businesses located throughout the United States.

We’ve been helping businesses in an assortment of industries test their packaging designs by providing product packaging prototypes. We don’t have a minimum number of prototypes you have to order to use our services, either. Instead, you simply order the number of prototypes you need to perform your tests, and we’ll ship them to you in three days or less after you approve your final packaging design.

Give us a call to learn more today.



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