Utilizing Spot Varnishing on Product Packaging

By: phase1
February 18, 2015

There was a time when using effects such as spot varnishing in the packaging process was prohibitive due to the time and cost involved. Thanks to new-age printing capabilities, companies today are able to use spot varnishing to set off the design on packaging for all sorts of products. If you’re searching for ways to prototype a package with greater aesthetic appeal, it pays to learn more about spot varnishing and why it’s increasingly relied upon in the packaging industry.

A Closer Look at the Spot Varnishing Process

Varnish is ink possessing a clear, glossy or matte finish that can be used on printed packaging materials. The ink is applied in selective areas to create a special textural and visual effect that can be used to highlight a brand name, logo or important product detail. Spot varnishing is commonly found on packaging products such as:

The quality of the design and printing process greatly impacts the effectiveness of spot varnishing. When developing packaging with spot varnishing, creating a prototype or mockup is an important step in gauging what a final product looks like and how consumers will respond to it. Because of the development of modern, digital printing methods, companies can now afford to create a prototype, where in the past, the mockup phase might have been foregone due to the extra time and expense.

The Advantages of Spot Varnishing Packaging

In a competitive marketplace where your product can easily get lost in the crowd, spot varnishing offers an effective way to catch the eye of potential consumers. It has the power to provide a visual element that delivers the advantage you’re looking for. Commonly used in the food and beverage industry, spot varnish is increasingly applied to packaging on everything from personal beauty products to home cleaning supplies.

Tips for achieving the best possible results with spot varnishing on packaging include:

  • Choosing the right colors and textures to complement the effect
  • Creating mockups and prototypes to test designs
  • Utilizing complimentary techniques such as embossing
  • Printing on foils or metallic materials for a bright, eye-catching look

Find out If Spot Varnishing Is Right for You

If you’re searching for ways for your packaging to register a stronger response, spot varnishing could be the answer. Get in touch with Phase 1 Prototypes for additional information on prototyping product packaging with spot varnishing for a more impactful visual appeal. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions and provide a free, no-obligation quote for your specific project.


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