Pouches – the Versatile Modern Packaging Solution

By: phase1
February 18, 2015

A product’s packaging plays a crucial role in its chances of commercial success. Having the right packaging is not only essential to protecting products and meeting food and beverage safety standards, but it also provides the opportunity to make an aesthetic impression that has a positive influence on consumers. If you’re looking for a packaging design to help your brand stand out from the crowd, a modern pouch or bag design often represents the most efficient and flexible solution.

Stand-up bags and zipper pouches are popular choices for a wide variety of products and retail environments. An increasing number of companies are utilizing this type of packaging because of its durability, versatility and ability to be customized. Stand-up pouches are typically easier to store and are a more earth-friendly packaging option for products including:

  • Dried fruit and frozen berries
  • Pet food and treats
  • Juice and soft drinks
  • Nuts, trail mixes and spice blends
  • Oils, liquids and household cleaners
  • Plant food and fertilizer
  • Chocolates, candies and gummies
  • Pastas, grains, coffee and tea

Advantages of Using Stand-Up Pouches

Pouches and bag packaging options are considered extremely desirable as they offer a large outward-facing surface for prominently displaying logos, slogans and product details. Modern digital printing capabilities allow for designs to be further enhanced by using textures, colors and styles for a unique effect. Materials such as films, plastics and foils can be combined with techniques such as embossing and spot varnishing to deliver bright, reflective designs that jump off the shelves.

Additional options that make stand-up bags and pouches a popular choice include:

  • Zippers and re-sealable openings for safe storage of perishables and improved packaging function
  • Spouts on bags and pouches for a more portable packaging option for liquids such as sports drinks and wine
  • Hook-and-loop enclosures for easier product display, storage and portability

Packaging for Stand-Up Pouches and Bags

Whether you’re launching a new product or enhancing your current design, it’s never been easier to make a great impression with stand-up pouches and bags. By partnering with a reliable digital printer and packaging expert, you can develop an exciting new product design and have a prototype produced in a matter of days. The process includes:

  • Creating a design including logo, graphics and product information to be used on the bag or zipper pouch
  • Determining the right materials and techniques to enhance the packaging and send a powerful consumer message
  • Finalizing all designs and specifications and submitting to the digital printer
  • Utilizing the latest printing and comping technology to produce a sample product mockup

If you’re interested in exploring your options in product packaging, get in touch with the experts at Phase 1 Prototypes today. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions about stand-up pouches and bags and discuss the details of your specific project.


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